Rise…Set.  Young…Old.  Light…Dark.  Beginning…End.  The Alpha and the Omega.

He is, He was, and He always will be.

Lives come and go. Generations come and go. Civilizations come and go.

He is, He was, and He always will be.

People live, love, hurt, die.  The Bible is full of imperfect people living out their lives in an imperfect world.  The common thread?

He is, He was, and He always will be.

Babies suffer and die horrible deaths. Good people loose and bad people win. Justice is buried under a dung heap of greed.

He is, He was, and He always will be.

He is the Almighty, Unfathomable being who knows the beginning from the end. There are great and multidimensional mysteries in His ways that we are too corporal and young to even begin to comprehend.

He was the Creator of this universe and the God who offered His Son to become one of the created, to reconcile His rebellious creation to Himself.

He will be forever with those who choose Him, using all of eternity to make up for this bit of suffering we must endure now. The Creator knows what brings joy and fulfillment to His creation better than we know ourselves.  But it has not been His way to force it upon us.

And the babies?  I don’t deign to know anything except for my complete trust in His Love to solve any issue.

He is, He was and He always will be…





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