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Rapid. Quickly. Fast. ASAP. Stat. Get it done yesterday!

Rushed. Full tilt. This instant!

Speedy. Post haste. In a flash. Hurry it up. Give it to me now!

Don’t stop until it’s done. Don’t breath until you finish. It can’t wait.

Faster, quicker, run! Run! RUN!



My Happy Place

My Happy Place is anywhere I can stop and observe the simple complex beauty of life.

The Northwest United States is a special happy place filled with natural wonders, rich memories and a wealth of family and friends.

My heart was heavy with the weight of my only brother, only sibling for that matter,  lying in ICU, holding onto his life with a stubborn tenacity only he could manage.  I was talking to God in my head as I drove along the riverside road.  I questioned, “Can you really hear these words in my thoughts even if I don’t speak them out loud? How would I know that you really hear me?  Do I have to speak out loud?”

I noticed a few people at the top of a small knoll between me and the river watching something intently on the other side.  I carefully pulled to the side, got out of the car and worked my way to the top of the hill.  There on the other side were over a dozen bald eagles, perching in the trees, swooping down to catch a swimming prey.  Up and down stream as far as I could see were more clusters of these grande and beautiful birds. I heard a wet hissing spray of breath and looked down into the water below me to see a sea lion surface, then roll gently over a few times before diving down into the deep again. Closer inspection revealed several others that must have followed the Salmon run, just like the eagles, up the river from the North Pacific Ocean many miles downstream.

I stood mesmerized for several minutes, probably close to an hour, breathing in deeply the cold, crisp winter air. It was a rare clear, sunny day.  Job’s conversation with God came into my thoughts: “Where were you when I founded the earth? Say so, if you have understanding! Who determined its measurements? Surely you know! Or who extended a measuring line upon it? On what were its footings sunk? Or who laid its cornerstone? When the morning stars rejoiced together and all the divinities shouted for joy?…Hath the rain a father? or who hath begotten the drops of dew? Out of whose womb came the ice? and the hoart frost of heaven, who hath gendered it?…Canst thou bring the sweet influences of Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion?: Job 38. “Then Job answered the LORD, and said, I know that thou canst do every thing, and that no thought can be withholden from thee.” Job 42.  Ok, God, thanks! I hear YOU loud and clear.

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This is the answer why my greatest joy in life is to meditate on the intricate beauty, variety, and endless lessons present in the world my God created for me to care for.  It’s an adventure I never tire of.

Favorite Place

They Will Cry Out

“Blessed is He who comes, the King in God’s name! All’s well in heaven! Glory in the high places! Some Pharisees from the crowd told him, ‘Teacher, get your disciples under control!’ But he said, ‘if they keep quiet, the stones would do it for them, shouting praise.'” (Luke 19:37-40)

It is the primary purpose of this site to document the very real voice of nature crying out in praise of the Creator through the lens of my camera.  I begin this journey with only a smart phone, but we will see where it leads.