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I have described my mother as a woman who fought fiercely for her children and her children’s children while still maintaining the disposition of an angel.  Honestly, she would have fought for anyone’s children if she thought they needed it.  This picture is one of the only ones I will share  that I did not take myself, as obviously, I could not be there.

I would like to dedicate a section of this site to celebrating the life of this amazing woman in all her wonderful imperfect glory.  She lived with an terribly frustrating illness that drove her and all of us around her absolutely bonkers at times, but her concern was always for the people around her, even in the midst of this.  As I shared her struggle at the very end of her life when the pain was too great to hide anything but the very root of a person’s character, her stubborn determination to put everyone else’s needs first was still prominent.  The last shreds of humanity left in her ravaged, hollowed out shell, was still that of a beautiful, sweet, southern bell, with only love for her family and her God in her heart.


Did I hit someone?

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Mom: “Did I hit someone?”

Me: “No Mom, you didn’t hit anyone.”

Mom: “Are you sure?”

Me: “Yes, Mom, I’m sure.”

Mom: “I think I need to check.”

Me: “Really, Mom, I’m sure.”

Mom: “I just need to turn around.”

Me: Sigh “Ok, Mom.”

“Mom, this is a one-way street”

Mom: “Oh no! What do I do? Is it clear, can I turn around?”

Me: “Looks good from here.”

Mom: “OK. That really scared me.”

Me: “Me too, Mom”

Mom: “Do you think I caused an accident? Should I go back?”